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Entering birth records
Delivery Room
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(Statistics for last few years: numbers of patients etc. Talk about the team of doctors and nurses.)

A boy is born

A doctor writes: "This is the account of one of our patients and is no doubt in some ways reperesentative of a lot of our ladies with a bad obstetric history. A woman in her village had a baby, still living at age 18 months after several unsuccessful pregnancies and she told Z to go to the Mission hospital and God would surely give her a live child.  Z was not keen, she was like the woman in the gospel, tired of Drs and their treatment.  She and her husband were very disheartened, under such pressure and stigmatised by their family and community that they had talked of man and wife getting on their motorbike and driving it under a bus.  People would think it an accident.  Z did not want to come to the hospital but for the sake of her husband she came, and God in his infinite mercy and for the honour of his own name, gave her a full term live baby boy when she had never carried a child to term, had never had a live birth and never a boy (her 3 stillborn babies had all been girls, no doubt some of the late abortions may well have been male).


One Saturday she was back at the clinic with her infant son and reminded me that I had not been around when she was discharged from hosp and had therefore not had any mitthai (local sweets).  I assured her this was not a problem but she insisted that I must have some halva because the babe in her arms was her first and only living child after 10 previous pregnancies ! A few weeks later we saw her back in hospital with the baby... he had a chest infection and understandably after 10 unsuccessful pregnancies she was taking no chances with him. He is now doing well and has a young brother!

I wonder if God is honouring this man for not divorcing his wife, as many men here would do."

This story, or one like it, is repeated so often in the lives of people attending the hospital.

Community Development

community-Development.jpgWCH health care also aims to be proactive, out in the community with clinics, immunisation programs, health teaching in schools, adult literacy classes, first aid training, Health Worker training and  family planning programmes as well as water and sanitation projects small loans for business and agriculture.


Involvement in the community can take many forms, eg the goats for education scheme which ran some time ago.  A family was supplied with a female goat and the kids and milk which the goat produced were used to finance a child to go to school!


Unfortunately the CDP programme is without a Director at this time and is therefore only functioning on a small scale.  There is a lot of scope to serve the surrounding  community and it is our hope that the CDP can become fully functional af\gain in the near future.  (See Vacancies)